Art In Motion Presentation

Speed painting has been around since the 80s.  Speed painting is a type of art or techniques where a painting is performed in minutes. The experience from start to finish is part of the art. This helps the audience experience the art( the emotions and energy behind the art.) from start to finish. The art is not just the finish work but the process in which it was created. This is where art is mostly seen and experienced by the artist and the viewer. The movement and choreography, stroke of the paintbrush,  the movement of the body, and the music, and the story and message is all part of the art.

Rick started Speed Painting performance in 1990.  He incorporates many artistic elements to reach his audience. Rick has implemented speed painting programs in our public schools, universities, corporate events, hospitals, fairs, prisons, churches, camps,  movies and entertainment, government, malls, concerts, crusades, tv/radio and many other public arenas.
To Experience one of Rick's Speed Painting presentation, Click Here.